Supplement the planner's strength with transparent AI

Current volatility requires a radical new demand planning environment that empowers planners to take back control and respond to changes faster and more accurately. Discover how to get actionable insights in demand and how a 1-day implementation is possible.


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Understand the drivers of demand in a world of change

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Transparency | Speed | Accuracy


Control the power of Advanced AI for high-accuracy demand forecasts


Derive high-accuracy, explainable forecasts that show the breakdown of individual forecast components (baseline, seasonality, trends, promotions) and highlight the exceptions, within a day of sending your historic data. Garvis’ basic product uses a blend of advanced artificial intelligence with proven statistical models. Leverage the planner's strength and easily review, analyze, and adjust your plans through a BionicationTM process within a user interface that makes interacting with the transparent AI simple.



State-of-art History Mining replaces the need for excessive data


Make your data meaningful by interacting with our platform. Garvis uses advanced data wrangling and history mining techniques to build explainability of variability in forecasts and simultaneously build an events library that makes it possible for our Machine Learning (ML) models to learn rather quickly from minimal historic data. The more the user interacts with the interface by adding inputs to exceptions and resolving them, the higher the accuracy of the demand forecasts.



Minimize time investment to set up your data


Save precious time. We handle ‘dirty-data’. In other words, we will clean up and structure your sales data from whatever .csv or .xls format you consume today, and deliver a high accuracy forecast, still within a day.



Evergreen forecasts through ERP connectivity


Maintain real-time forecasts that are built upon real-time drivers of demand changes. Once forecast models are established and proven, we provide easy ERP connectivity with your current tools to enable uploads and downloads.



Actionable Demand Sensing


Better understand the changes in demand and deal with volatility by incorporating real-time signals like orders and/or in-market sales. Garvis makes Demand Sensing actionable and transparent by identifying and classifying the orders by their origin and impact. It alerts planners and the environment of problematic orders (impacting capacity, materials, or service) so the necessary actions can be taken. This results in a reduction of forecasting error by 30-40%, more effective replenishment requirements, and more accurate supply needs.


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Product Life-Cycle Management


Build reliable demand forecasts when phasing in or ramping down a product. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool in managing product life-cycles, especially when phasing in new products or managing end-of-life forecasts for product discontinuations.


For new products, in the absence of historical sales data, Garvis identifies similar products and supports automation of a ramp-up forecast starting at the launch date.


Subsequently, we can use replenishment orders and POS data to deploy Demand Sensing, once in-market sales reveal true sales data.


Our New Product Introduction (NPI) extension provides immediate improvement in demand projection of a product you are about to launch, thereby lowering exposure risk.


Distribute the new product in your channels efficiently based on post-launch data. The NPI product extension allows you to place your product where it will be stocked and sold optimally.

Retailer-Supplier Forecast Management

Garvis Flow gives full visibility to your downstream suppliers on upcoming forecasts and change-drivers at the individual product level.

This unique product brings the same high-impact benefits of insights-based forecasts to your suppliers to enable them to be agile with service commitments to you.

Flow is designed specifically with our retail customers in mind. Through an integrated dashboard where your suppliers have viewing abilities, but you have full control, they see and navigate changing demand and proactively alter sourcing plans as needed.

Gain immediate rewards in terms of supplier engagement, delivery SLAs and correct inventory placement.

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