Improving Demand Planning in Food & Beverage.

Find out how several F&B companies have been able to overcome disruptions and increase forecasting accuracy & service levels, while decreasing inventories & stockouts.

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Shifting preferences

As a planner or supply chain professional active in the food and beverage industry, chances are high that you are confronted with shifting consumer preferences, pricing/margin pressures, and material shortages. Food & beverage businesses are often highly promotion-driven and dependent on a complex network of wholesalers and retailers, each with individual pain points and agreements.  


Traditional technology limits your capability to properly tackle these challenges, with complex Excel sheets, siloed information, and constant firefighting as a result. Poor forecast accuracy results in overstocks or empty shelves, which is particularly painful and costly for organizations selling fast-moving and perishable goods.  


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Benefits of AI in Demand Planning


Time to put the market central in your planning processes and align around the volatility of your customers. By combining human knowledge with AI, Garvis empowers planners to make fast and accurate decisions based on data, real-time insights, and risk profiles.  

  • Forecast error drops by 30 to 40% 
  • Better decision-making: more stable production schedules and better alignment with retail network 
  • More accurate launch and planning of new products 
  • 4-5 days reduction in safety stock 
  • No implementation costs, immediate value (implement in one day, have results in a week, go live in a month)
  • Higher job satisfaction, less firefighting and more time for productive work 

Key features for F&B organizations

  • Powerful, user-controlled AI to help planners understand the components of demand, not just the total demand 
  • Detailed promotion management  
  • Extensive portfolio management with phase-in, phase-out, and AI-proposed demand ramp-up plans
  • Demand Sensing to improve forecasting in the short term 

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