The Integration with ChatGPT.

Many people are fascinated by the capabilities of ChatGPT. It allows us to interact naturally with huge amounts of information and provides answers that are easily understood and readily applicable. It's the iPhone moment all over again.

Visual ChatGPT - Garvis
Visual ChatGPT - Garvis

The Power of AI-Driven Insights & ChatGPT

Now imagine the possibilities if we combine this ease of interaction of ChatGPT with AI-driven insights that represent the relationships between the outside world and the impact on your supply chain. All information, relationships, and strategies would become available the moment they happen, all just a question away.

Join this webinar with Martijn Lofvers as a moderator, Tineke Kok from JDE, and Piet Buyck from Garvis, who will take you on a journey of insight-driven AI for the Supply Chain.



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They will show real examples of how this approach will work. The journey starts with translating what is happening (customer behavior, market dynamics, and other events) and the insights of the knowledge worker into digital components and their relationships so that these can be understood by the organization.

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The Closing Piece of The Digital Enterprise


Once these components & their relationships are captured, every person in the organization can understand these as they happen through the interaction with a ChatGPT interface, which translates the information in the form and function that are needed at the moment of the question. This interaction will be a transformational change comparable to the invention of the iPhone. All information will be readily available, and no training will be needed to interact with the application.


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