Manage Volatility with Demand Sensing.

Organizations must deal with fragmented demand in an increasingly volatile environment and changing market conditions. It is important to understand the changes in your demand early, to identify the issues and to be able to react in tune with the constraints you might face as an organization.

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Improve accuracy with real time signals of demand

Demand Sensing allows planners to better understand the changes in demand by incorporating real time signals like orders and/or in market sales.


Garvis makes Demand Sensing actionable and transparent by identifying and classifying the orders by their origin and impact. It alerts planners and the environment for problematic orders (impacting capacity, materials or service) so the necessary actions can be taken.


This results in a reduction of forecasting error by 30-40%, more effective replenishment requirements and more accurate supply needs.


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Actionable Demand Sensing

Demand Sensing Benefits4

Immediate implementation at no cost


The implementation of traditional solutions in the market today is complex, requires heavy investments and takes over four months time.


Garvis’ unique features and onboarding methodology puts you in charge in a game like fashion and allows you to reduce your forecast errors up to 30% within 24 hours.

Monitor product launches


Garvis helps you through situations of unpredictable demand, like new product introductions, with immediate access to downstream demand information (Point of Sales data). This allows planners to reduce the risk of stock-outs and enable a swift correction of overly optimistic forecasts.

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