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Garvis helps organizations around the world to accurately and effectively plan their demand. Discover how we practically do this and hear from them about their experience.

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Jacob Douwe Egberts


"We’re a highly promoted business, so it’s difficult to make an accurate forecast. We discovered Garvis and found that there was no long journey of implementation, and I’m very happy with the results so far. They charged us no implementation costs."



Testimonial - JDE - Tineke Kok



TINEKE KOK - Global IBP Manager - JDE




"We were impressed with how easy it was to access this intelligent demand planning software and with the results that it produces. Within less than a day the Garvis team uploaded and processed our existing data and the system generated a more accurate automatic baseline forecast."


Testimonial - Evo21 - Anthony Kartono






"Our legacy planning processes are manual, Excel-based and prone to be out of date which doesn't result in an optimal inventory. We opted for Garvis as they offer an integrated inventory management solution supported by true AI for accurate forecasts with very short implementation times. Our expectations about the tool so far are met and the implementation went very smooth."


Testimonial - SERAX - Simon Sterck




SIMON STERCK - Chief Operating Officer-SERAX

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