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Garvis is a revolutionary SaaS company on a mission to create the world’s first Bionic Demand Planning system. We provide the planner with control of user-trainable, transparent AI to navigate the ever-changing ocean of real-world data and create accurate, explainable plans of the future

Planner navigates ocean of data with AI


Meet our Leadership



Piet Small


Piet Buyck

Piet Buyck is a global technology executive with over 30 years of success in managing and positioning disruptive and high-value enterprise applications. He is well regarded as an influential, strategic, business thought leader with significant expertise in artificial intelligence, demand sensing and demand planning. As CEO of Garvis, Piet is on a crusade to make artificial intelligence for forecasting easy, accessible, and explainable while keeping the planners in control.
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Anupam About


Anupam Aishwarya

Chief Product & Customer Officer
Anupam is a global business leader and entrepreneur with a deep expertise in forecasting and supply chain. He has over a decade of unique experience in combining mathematics, AI, and human intelligence to creatively solve business problems and create tangible value across many Fortune 1000 companies.


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Ranjith About


Ranjith Narayanan

Chief Architect
Ranjith is an experienced technology leader, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Architecture of cloud services. He has headed multiple technical teams and shipped the first enterprise AI products built on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud across computer vision, natural language processing, search and cognitive services. As 15-year veteran of Microsoft, Ranjith has extensive experience in building real time distributed systems, big data, security, web services, databases, and networking. As head of R&D at Garvis, Ranjith aims to disrupt the status quo of how AI is used in demand planning, demand sensing and supply chain.

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Geert-Jan About


Geert-Jan Van Den Bogaerde

Geert-Jan has over 15 years of experience, ranging from software engineering to business strategy to enterprise architecture, all with one underlying theme: helping businesses deliver in a world where volatility and change are the new normal. He is skilled in tackling complex high-value projects where durable solutions to complex problems involving both business and technology are required. 


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Our mission


Garvis is on a mission to make using Artificial Intelligence for forecasting and demand planning easy, accessible, and explainable while keeping the planners in control. 

We are the first truly bionic demand planning system that drives the paradigm shift towards man-machine collaboration.


We combine access to data in the richest sense with a user-trainable, transparent AI that empowers planners to create the best possible plans for the future.


Our approach results in less costs, lower implementation time (<24 hours), reduced forecast errors and an evergreen environment.


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Meet our Customers



World leading brands in industries like pharma, consumer goods, chemicals and manufacturing have already taken their first steps in the bionic planning future with Garvis, with significant forecast improvements and cost savings as a consequence.


Hear what they have to say:


"We discovered Garvis and found that there was no long journey of implementation, and I’m very happy with the results so far. They charged us no implementation costs."

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