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AI For Demand Planning...
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Reduce the error by 15% to 30%...

  • And create 1,5% additional profit
  • Implement in less than a day…
    And validate the business case immediately

Connect your demand plan to real-world events…

    • And unite your organization around your insights
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Understand the drivers of demand in a world of change

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A new standard needed in uncertain times


Unique evolutions in this world used to create unpredictability and volatility in your supply chain. Understand how these real world events influence your demand and unite your supply chain stakeholders without latency around your insights with a new level of accuracy.


  • Error reduction of 15% to 30%
  • 1,5% additional profit

Trusted by > 60 innovative organizations

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Our mission


Garvis is on a mission to make using Artificial Intelligence for forecasting and demand planning easy, accessible, and explainable while keeping the planners in control. 

We are the first truly bionic demand planning system that drives the paradigm shift towards man-machine collaboration.


We combine access to data in the richest sense with a user-trainable, transparent AI that empowers planners to create the best possible plans for the future.


Our approach results in less costs, lower implementation time (<24 hours), reduced forecast errors and an evergreen environment.


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Garvis can change the game
with the planner in control.


Traditionally, the planner looks at past sales as a base for forecasting.


The sales of an organization have a relation with events that happened (promotions, weather, holidays, etc.). Together with the planner, Garvis mines historic sales and uses OR and AI to create insights which are stored for future use.


Garvis AI combines these stored insights with external real world data and inputs from the planner to build an image (digital twin) of the future.


If more data becomes available, Garvis will help the planner to measure the influence of that data and stores those additional insights for future learning. The forecast becomes smarter and smarter as the amount of available data grows.

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